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Managed Mailing Platform

28 Dec Posted by in Advertisers, Announcements | Comments
Managed Mailing Platform

Mailers! Data collectors! Data brokers! And anyone else with established collections of data that they would like to monetize.

We are very close to launching our new managed mailing platform that will allow our affiliates and approved publishers to upload their data and monetize every last dime out of it using our cutting-edge email CPC technology that is truly groundbreaking in the email and online advertising industry.

There is no other system out there like it!

We are looking for large volume mail providers, ESPs, data owners and brokers, and any other high quality, high quality, and COMPLIANT email partners that are looking to make a lot of money from their data.

Compliant email creatives are sent everyday by our system to our large managed mailing database of opt-in subscribers and monetized on a CPC basis for you. We do all of the work!

Email and affiliate marketers simply upload and tag email list data with the appropriate demographics and vertical markets, and give us information on the quality and demographics contained in the data. We only accept compliant opt-in lists with a low bounce rate and low % of removals when run through our scrub process.

After being accepted into the platform, and uploading verified dated, compliant email campaigns are sent to the subscribers containing related offers and you earn on a Cost Per Click basis!

Find out more info here: