We know that the only thing constant is change, and in the internet marketing world things move rapidly. That’s why we are constantly breaking new ground here at Chase Clicks with our marketing innovation.

One of these new pushes within our company is Pay Per Call campaigns. Using a phone number, promote a service and track conversions and sales for calls that originate from your marketing efforts. Don’t just guess where people are calling in from, segment and be able to identify what sources of marketing are bringing performance.

With the mobile web growing and traditional marketing campaigns moving more and more into the internet marketing space, this is a technology we’ve been working to refine and deliver to our advertising clients in a scalable manner. With our technologies and strategic partners, we can deliver PayPerCall campaigns for any vertical or niche within days.

As a result, expect Chase Clicks to be launching several new exclusive PayPerCall campaigns to the affiliate marketing industry this year. Details will be announced for each campaign as it goes live on the publisher network.

If you’re an advertiser or business looking to setup a new PayPerCall marketing campaign, contact us and we’d be happy to evaluate potential opportunities.

Are you a lead buyer looking to purchase Live Transfers or PayPerCall leads from our vertical-targeted campaigns? We’d love to work with you!

We currently have Payday Restructure, Tax Debt Settlement, Auto Refinance, Credit Card Debt, Mortgage and Refinance, Web Hosting and Website Design, SEO & Local Marketing Services, and several more being launched soon. If we don’t already have something in your industry or market, we can build out a custom campaign or launch one for that space if there is enough demand. Contact us to explore opportunities.