Advertising Online Since 2001

The Chase Clicks advertising network began in 2001 and was officially founded under the Chase brand in 2005 when the private Chase website network became the Chase Ideas media network and was officially launched to the public and began acquiring new properties and publishers.

The advertising network has grown into one of the world’s most premium online advertising channel and serves ads on thousands of websites and delivers millions of impressions a day to users all over the world with site-level transparency. The network currently spans the internal Chase Ideas media and content network, and a select inventory of hand-picked publisher web properties.

Bringing Transparency to Internet Marketing

Our company was founded with a few key goals in mind. To bring transparency to the online advertising industry, generate higher revenues than traditional advertising methods, and establish both high quality and high volume traffic for our advertisers.

Our Team

Chase (Founder, Network Admin)

Dean (P&L Analyst, System Operations)

Artie (Programming & System Engineer)

Jason (Director of Business Development)