As an Advertiser, you have two main advertising models types to choose from:
CPC Advertising
(Get Clicks & Traffic)

Meant for any advertisers, business owners, or internet marketers looking to purchase traffic on a Cost Per Click(CPC), Cost Per Thousand (CPM), or Tenancy basis.

Bid real-time on the network traffic inventory and receive traffic to your websites and campaigns.

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CPA Advertising
(Get Leads, Sales, & Conversions)

Meant for advertisers looking to work with our solid network of professional Internet Marketers and wish to promote their product or service on a performance basis.

Receive quality leads, more sales, or whatever else you desire, at a reasonable rate, and at the volume you desire.

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“Which Type of Account Should I Choose?”

  • For media buying, PPC traffic, CPM traffic, and direct ad placements on hand-picked websites, media channels, and more, choose a CPC advertising account.
  • For performance marketing with affiliates and payout terms such as CPA, CPL, and other similar structures, choose a CPA advertising account.

We provide advertising solutions for advertisers of all sizes. Chase Clicks is an online network of advertisers and publishers, and real-time traffic exchange.

The Chase Clicks ad platform allows you to advertise your website or business using text and banner advertisements. The ads submitted to our system are served worldwide through our large publisher network.

Expand Your Traffic Reach Beyond Search

Chase Clicks connects advertisers with prospective new customers on our real-time bid exchange and drives conversions with quality clicks.

  • Quality traffic – We connect advertisers to quality consumers by working with only the best pre-screened publisher partners whose traffic is continuously monitored for conversion performance.
  • Advanced Technology – Maximize your ROI with our innovative targeting technology and proprietary ad-serving algorithms that drive higher conversions.
  • Targeted and unique campaigns – Increase conversions with our performance-tested campaign creatives.
  • All creatives sent are provided by Chase Click’s Creative Department and are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • Real-time Reports & Analytics – Analyze and optimize your campaigns, budgets, and bids with in-depth up-to-the-minute reporting.
  • Click Quality Guaranteed – Rest assured you are only paying for legitimate clicks. The Chase Clicks team continuously screens for fraudulent clicks using multi-tiered click quality system automated mechanisms.

By centralizing management of marketing channels into a single transparent ad exchange, we make it easy for advertisers to generate leads and sales for their business.