Self-Serve Online Advertising Platform

Our modern ad market platform allows high quality Publishers to offer ad space on their website(s) quickly and easily, while giving Advertisers simple yet robust control over their campaigns to maximize profits from their marketing efforts.

With our self-serve advertising service, approved Advertisers can purchase traffic from the entire network targeted by category and topic, or on a case-by-case media buying basis of select web properties and ad zones, providing simple yet robust control over their campaigns to maximize profits from their marketing efforts.

Real-Time Traffic Exchange

Chase Clicks is an established large-volume online traffic exchange. We can help you cost-effectively publicize your website to a large number of users all over the web.

Using a Chase Clicks advertiser account, advertise using content-based (contextual) text and banner ads targeted to niche audiences. This method of advertising matches your ad to publisher websites with related traffic. With full control of click rates and budget, you can fine-tune your campaigns easily and intuitively.

Easy to Use, Easy to Track

The Chase Clicks PPC Ad Network is a cost effective advertising system where advertisers pay only for the legitimate clicks they receive. We have multiple fraud defenses to prevent fraudulent or abusive click patterns, and repeat clicks will not be charged to publisher accounts. Our goal is to provide Advertisers a marketplace where they can get the best traffic, at the best possible price.

Profitable Webmaster Solution

Webmasters looking to make money from their website’s traffic should register a Chase Clicks publisher account. Monetize your website or blogs using a Chase Clicks publisher account starting today.

Create stylish and modern ad display units customized to match your website or blog design. Display ads related to the contents and topic of your website, or blog, and earn easy money for the legitimate clicks sent from your site.